Does My Online Product Store Make Affiliate Marketing Easier?

My Online Product Store is the famous affiliate marketing software that was designed by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. It claims to make affiliate marketing easier, especially for those starting out in this field. As you get to learn more about this program (that is if you have not yet already), you will realize that it is meant to make people more productive. To achieve this goal, Craig and Rob have created several powerful tools which are designed to speed up and ease certain website building processes. So, if the idea of writing HTML code always intimidates you when you think of building your own website, there is no need to worry because My Online Product Store is designed to make things easier? But, does this application really make affiliate marketing a walk in the park? Before delving into that, let us have a look at why this program is touted for being the best tool for those that want to make money online with ease.
How My Online Product Store is Designed to Work
When working on launching an affiliate websites, online marketers usually have to go do several steps. One, you need to choose which affiliate program to join and secondly, you have to buy a domain name and launch your website. Now, these are two areas where My Online Product Store offers plenty of help. The software cuts the time need to research on affiliate programs in half since it helps users to create clickbank marketing websites. It even has a domain name tool that creates the ideal URL that will help your website to get better placement on search engine queries. Once you have chosen your domain name, just entire your web hosting details into the software and it will build your site off the WordPress platform. Everything you need including plug-ins and even theme options to customize your website will be provided at the click of a button. This is a great advantage for most people that do not know how to design websites with HTML. In fact, My Online Product Store can save you from having to go through hours of coding while trying to create a website manually.
Craig and Rob did not stop at helping users to choose ideal domain names and launch affiliate sites with ease. Their application offers a product research tool. Just as the name implies, this feature essentially allows users to look for products to promote on clickbank. It even lists the best selling items so that online marketers may know beforehand the most lucrative niches in the market.
Since content is what draws web visitors to any site, Craig and Rob addressed this by providing a content scrapping and an article-spinning software. With this tool, you can find and re-write articles found on other websites on the internet. This means that you do not need to spend long hours of research while trying to come up with unique content for all your affiliate sites. The My Online Product Store software even ties in relevant keywords within the content in order to help your newly launched sites to start drawing in web traffic immediately.
How Does My Online Product Store Impact Affiliate Marketing?
Looking at the areas in which this program helps online marketers, one might be very much impressed. However, it is worth noting that as much as My Online Product Store makes several tasks efficient, you still need to put in a lot of work in order to earn a decent income. Once you have launched your affiliate site, things do not stop there. For any affiliate site to make money, it is vital to continue generating web traffic. Unfortunately, Craig and Rob’s affiliate marketing system only offers users the option of driving web users by way of search engine friendly content.
If you have been into affiliate marketing for several years, then you know that search engine optimization does not suffice when it comes to beating the stiff competition that has become of online marketing. Nowadays, online entrepreneurs employ aggressive marketing strategies, including but not limited to social media advertising, PPC ad campaigns, article marketing, link building and much more.
With these facts in mind, it is imperative to maximize on My Online Product Store with alternative traffic generation methods. This is important for any online marketing website that intends to generate a continuous cash flow. The good thing with this software is that it off lifts a huge chuck of work from your hands. In fact, you will do very little when it comes to launching clickbank websites and putting in place the basic elements like banner ads, interface appearance, and traffic pulling content. As a result, you are left with more time to focus on other important things such as traffic generation to build your online business. This is the most appealing aspect about My Online Product Store, because it can help you to scale up your online business.

Essential facts about My Online Product Store

Find out What My Online Product Store is
If you are looking for information on how to earn money online through affiliate marketing, then you will mostly likely come across My Online Product Store. Craig Kaye and Rob Walker designed this application with the aim of making online marketing easier. Their product helps online marketers to build websites that can gain affiliate commissions by just following a few simple steps. Craig and Rob have provided training materials that will ensure users get to learn how their system works even before using it. You will get to see for yourself how to go about launching ‘cash creator’ websites. This entails the process of buying a domain name, searching for clickbank products among other steps that go into building sites that earn affiliate commissions on clickbank.
However, My Online Product Store is not just limited to training. Along with the training videos comes a multi-functional software suite that does all the hard work for you. So, how does this software work? Is it easy to use? To find answers to these questions and more information, keep reading this review.
How it Works
The main draw about Craig and Rob’s affiliate marketing system is the working mechanisms of their application. Many people that have never been into affiliate marketing will find this software very helpful. Much of this has to do with the ease of operation that it offers. Whether you have no skills in website design or even don’t know where to begin with content creation, there is no need to worry because My Online Product Store claims to do almost everything for you.
Generally, the software comes with several tools, which will help you to launch sites that have all the elements of generating affiliate commissions on the clickbank market place. First, you need to purchase web hosting before using this software. However, you will get help with choosing your domain name as well as researching what products to market. This is because Craig and Rob designed their application with an exact match domain feature and a product suggestion tool that finds promotional brands on clickbank.
After choosing the desired niche you want to venture into, My Online Product Store even generates keywords that you can use to create content for you affiliate sites. It gets even better since the software features a content scrapping and spinning tool. With these two utilities, the application finds and spins articles from other online sources so as to provide your ‘cash’ creator’ sites with fresh and unique content. You will even have a video and article-posting tool at your disposal. It is worth making mention of the fact that My Online Product Store allows users to process everything at the click of a button. You just have to enter the required details, and the software will do the rest!
How Much does it Cost?
If you intend to buy this application, you need to know how much it costs. You should also find out the payment model that is included in the purchase agreement. In addition to that, it is vital to know what the entire package entails.
When you purchase My Online Product Store, you will not only get the software application and training videos, but you will also have your own log in details to the product’s main website, which is also known as the members area. Here, you can download all the training videos and the software application. You will incur an initial charge of &46 to get the complete training videos and some of features of the software. To get the complete My Online Product Store software, there are two upsells that come along with the purchase. These include a fee of $100 for the ‘cash creator’ tool and an additional charge of $77 for the ‘content creation’ toolkit. The good thing though with this product is that the payment model is a onetime purchase as opposed to paying monthly membership fees.
Who can Use My Online Product Store?
One of the great things about Craig and Rob’s affiliate marketing software is that it accommodates even the average Joe that has no skills in online marketing. So, if you have no idea on where to start with online affiliate programs, this software is the perfect fit for you. However, the software and training videos are not just ideal for those getting started, but also for intermediate marketers who are looking for ways to boost their businesses. The reason for this is that My Online Product Store provides a simple way to create multiple websites or channels of income without spending too much time or effort.
Where can you buy My Online Product Store?
Although there are many review websites that promote this product, it is only available for purchase at the official My Online Product Store website. Therefore, make sure to avoid sites that claim to offer this application at a discount or with additional bonuses since that might just be a scam.

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